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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Monitoring food security
Project goals
  • Creating a single informational and analytical data repository in the field of food security
Project description
  • Employed designer tools to establish the collection and aggregation of regional level indicators
  • Set up over 100 connectors to upload data on agricultural production
  • Established a centralized analytical data storage repository
  • Employed the platform's report designer tools to configure more than 300 different customer-adjusted reports
Grain storage capacity forecasts
Shortage/surplus by region
Imported data from the past 3 years
Processing unregulated user requests
Implemented a web service for importing/exporting data from adjacent systems and external files
Set up the drafting of food supply balance forecasts
Automated the procedure for negotiating volume and establishing an interregional balance sheet for grain transport to and from regions
Developed a system of food security and agricultural product indicators, all monitored with respect to various analytical attributes on a national, regional, municipal, and individual manufacturering level
Online monitoring of agricultural activities in Russian federal subjects, and the consolidation and rapid analysis of obtained data
Set up monitoring and risk assessment at the federal and regional levels
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