A Russian BI Platform

A designer for creating analytical and intelligence solutions
What it does is automate the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and visualization of large data volumes and leverages modeling and forecasting to generate reports and facilitate decision-making.
What is Triafly?
Since 2015, the platform has been a reliable tool for generating analytical reports and visualizing data across numerous business spheres
Triafly's multidimensional big data processing technology (OLAP) makes it one of the best BI platforms on the Russian market. The platform is powered by cutting-edge technologies that provide new analytical opportunities.
  • Create solutions without programming by using designer tools to visualize metrics, collect and integrate data, or add directories, forms, registers, reports, and analytical dashboards.
  • Collect data from distributed organizational structures and integrate data sources and systems.
  • Build dynamic OLAP reports, validate hypotheses, and visualize data.
  • Prepare web presentations with on-the-fly analytics and share with your colleagues.
  • Process big data wherever you are. Always get up-to-date data through cloud-based services.
How it works
Prepare data
  • Collect and consolidate data from a hierarchical organizational structure into a single repository
  • Validate and clean data
  • Upload data to the repository from third-party information systems and external files
  • Quickly add data to your reports without uploading it to the repository
  • Organize and store data as arrays of indicators with a set of analytical features
Analyze data
  • Quickly build multidimensional analytical reports
  • Export data to external files and information systems
  • Utilize multiple calculation algorithms
  • Leverage data-level integration with third-party analytical tools (Jupyter, MathLab, etc.)
  • Build predictive models
Draft reports
  • Design data visualizations using out-of-the-box report-modeling tools
  • Prepare regulatory reports
  • Create interactive web presentations
  • Publish analytical reports and analytical dashboards in external information resources
Examples of industry-specific solutions
Public sector
  • Automating supervisory activities
  • On-line monitoring of decree implementation
  • Decision support in key resource management
  • Forecasting subject development and financial sustainability
  • Evaluation of decision-making efficiency
  • Creation of regional situation centers
  • Production loss and defect analysis
  • Analysis of production line efficiency
  • Analysis of production staff workload
  • Resource adequacy analysis according to production plan
  • Logistics cycle analysis from order placement to end customer delivery
  • Analysis of delivery conditions fulfillment
  • Warehouse performance analysis
  • Analysis of in-house fleet load
  • Analysis of product losses during delivery or at the warehouse
  • Management, evaluation, and monitoring of investment projects
  • Collection, consolidation, and storage of payment system information
  • Loss assessment under different stress scenarios
  • Maintaining and managing client files
  • Auditability of organizational structures and reviewing data versioning
Situation centers
  • Support for on-the-fly management decision making
  • Modeling situational developments and assessing solutions
  • Comprehensive information support for company management
  • Quality control over technological and production processes, prompt feedback when key indicators surpass thresholds
New opportunities for your business
For executives
  • Informational decision support
  • Identification of bottlenecks in business processes
  • Control of order execution
  • Operating records
  • Risk modeling
For IT professionals
  • Fast automation of business tasks
  • A simple designer tool to create application solutions without a technical plan
  • Extensible visualization and computing library
  • Cutomization for mobile devices
  • Covers all BI requirements by Gartner and Forrester
  • Guaranteed data security
For partners
  • Flexible partnership program
  • Competitive pricing
  • Protecting partner interests
  • Support at all sales stages
  • Analytical solutions designer tool
Assemble your solution
Enjoy advanced technology
Interactive presentations following your corporate identity
Interactive presentations following your corporate identity
Even basic tools are enough to prepare a presentation with on-the-fly reporting updates and all levels of data detail during the demonstration.
Prompt multivariate indicator analysis
Prompt multivariate indicator analysis
Multivariate indicator analysis using OLAP reports in operational mode without advanced cube preparation.
Data auditability
Data auditability
Full-featured version control (data and metadata modification, calculation, and aggregation) is supported.
Retrospection allows reviewing system objects at any moment in the past.
Calculations based on adjusted indicators
Calculations based on adjusted indicators
The system performs indicator-based data calculations using preset formulas.
These calculations incorporate any manual adjustments to the indicators.
The system is implemented as a scalable web application. Users access all features and resources via the web interface.
Repetitive data input prevention
Repetitive data input prevention
Once entered, an indicator value is displayed in any data entry or reporting format where the indicator is present.
User experience
Technical features
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Methods to detect and prevent abnormal data modification are being developed.
Using freeware as system
and component software
Using freeware as system
and component software
Using freeware as component and system software not only ensures the system's high availability and reliability, but also guarantees a low cost of ownership.
Network data model
Network data model
The system can be deployed either in a centralized or distributed configuration.
Support for distributed repository configuration
Support for distributed repository configuration
Full-featured version control (data and metadata modification, calculation, and aggregation) is supported. Retrospection allows reviewing system objects at any moment in the past.
Flexible data
Flexible data
Data is stored as an array of indicator values with an unlimited number of analytical attributes. Indicators can be selected with various value types, including directory, tree-structured directory, and period.
Code-free solution setup
Code-free solution setup
The platform contains a set of designer tools.
Directories, subject matter, data integration, analytics dashboards, forms, and reports are created in the platform designer tools by generating new objects and determining parameters.
The platform uses XML API to exchange data with external systems via REST technology, as well as web services for data import/export via SOAP protocol. It can work with Big Data.
Results of our customers
Set up a business process for data collection; built a procedure for data provision; implemented code-free information comprehensiveness and quality control.
Become a Triafly partner
Become a Triafly partner
Access our tutorials, cloud service, and support to create new business solutions
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